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Roger J. Howe, Ph.D.

Executive ChairmanStemedica Cell Technologies

Dr. Roger Howe is the executive chairman of CardioCell’s parent company, Stemedica Cell Technologies. Over the past 25 years, he founded five successful start-up ventures in the medical-technology and information-systems business sectors. In his past roles as founder and CEO, he worked with venture capital and investment-banking firms to spur their participation while moving these companies into commercialization. As former chairman and CFO of Reliant Technologies (now Solta Medical, NASDAQ:SLTM), he co-led the efforts to secure funding and successfully re-launch the company. He is also the former CEO and Board Member of Cardiovascular Systems (NASDAQ:CSII), where he was instrumental in commercializing the technology and obtaining FDA approval. His startup, customer- and market-research firm National Information Systems Inc., conducted extensive marketing and branding campaigns, marketing assessments and trend research for leading Fortune 500 corporations. Another of his startups, Metrix Communications, became one of the most successful IBM Premium Partners. Both of these companies were sold to Fortune 500 companies. He has authored and co-authored three books and several articles, including “Quality on Trial” and “Customer Relationship Management,” which were bestselling business books and have been translated and published in several languages. His most recent book, “Miracle of Stem Cells: How Adult Stem Cells are Transforming Medicine,” is a popular title among the medical and scientific-investment communities. Currently, Dr. Howe invests in the emerging field of combining nutraceuticals with proprietary, pharmaceutical-delivery systems and medical devices. He is also actively involved in the Boundary Waters Experience, a nonprofit dedicated to providing young people with adventurous experiences in the wilderness.